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This website exists not because we are Coyotes fans, but because we are residents of Arizona who are concerned that the facts of the Coyotes lease deal with Glendale aren’t being provided to you, the citizens. The people/groups that are giving you their “enhanced” version of the facts have their own agendas: they benefit from the prolonged legal battle  while you, the citizens, suffer the consequences.


* The city will pay a management fee to a company that is involved with Greg Jamison/Coyotes roughly 300 million over 20 years, but the city would have to PAY that money even if the team LEAVES. The arena needs to be managed and maintained with or without a hockey team.

* Greg Jamison would assume ALL potential loses. Without a team the potential losses to the city of Glendale are around 500 million.

* An arena with the Coyotes means a guaranteed 43 events each season with the city profiting off of ticket sales and other tax generated revenue. There would also be revenue from non-Coyotes arena activities. Jamison has publicly said he wants to significantly increase the amount of non-Coyotes game events.

* It is true that the team has lost money in Glendale. But the previous owners of the team have only been interested in real-estate deals, NOT in making the team more successful by generating better attendance and getting corporate sponsors. Greg Jamison is ONLY interested in being a HOCKEY team owner and making that team a WINNING team.

* There are NO gifts/subsidies involved. The city would be paying for services and NOT writing a blank check to someone to buy the team.

* Jamison has said numerous times he wants to BUY the arena within a couple years. That would take ALL BURDEN off of the tax payers – no more management fees, no more payments on the arena debt.  The city of Glendale would effectively be out of the arena business.  Whether or not you believe that building Jobing.com Arena was a wise decision, this is the ONLY way for the city to completely rid itself of the responsibilities and costs of owning the arena.

* Some Westgate businesses would not survive without the Coyotes playing. This means vacant buildings and the crime/graffiti that goes with that, not to mention the loss of tourism dollars.

*If Westgate were to lose a high number of tenants, the property values around the arena would likely decrease.  Many people live around the arena, and their homes would be worth less over time.  Lower property values = higher property taxes to make up for the lost tax revenue.

* Every time your city is taken to court by the Goldwater Institute COSTS YOU money, while THEY PROFIT from it.

These are the  facts of the issue. You are invited to please call your council members and let them know you’re in support of the deal and the benefits to your city. And please call the Goldwater Institute and let them know it’s NOT okay for them to be making money at the expense of the residents of Glendale.


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